The Department began working in the academic year 1996-97. Pharmacology Department is a very dynamic department that offers eight courses for graduate students of Pharmacy College. Departmental courses cover a broad range of disciplines, including Pharmacology and Toxicology, in addition to Anatomy, Physiology and Clinical Pharmacy. In addition, the department provides Pharmacology and Toxicology courses to students of Master in Pharmacy with Pharmacology specialization.
  •  Sophisticated instruments used for development and evaluation of Test Substances (Approx. cost of instruments: Rs.35,44,191/--).
  •  State of the art Animal Housing Facility constructed as per CPCSEA standards and it can accommodate 600 plus rats and 1000    plus mice.
  •  Funding from government agencies like AICTE, GUCOST, ICMR etc. Till date grant received of Rs.11,35,000/--
  •  Accomplished several industry sponsored research projects and consultancy projects worth more than 15 Lacs.
  •  Active international and national presence of faculties and students in terms of publications and presentations (International and  National Publication: More than 100, International   and national presentation: More than 200).
  •  Department has got many prestigious prizes from various conferences and seminar for BEST M.PHARM THESIS and BEST  RESEARCH WORK.
  •  Spacious laboratories with adequate equipments capable of providing the much needed technical support for teaching and  research.
  •  107 M. Pharm students and more than 10 Ph.D. scholars have been awarded till date.
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