Entrepreneurship 101_Accelerator Training program

The Entrepreneurship 101_Accelerator Training program (1st, 2nd and 8th Feb 2020) With an objective to provide a comprehensive training program for students who are registered in SSIP and Incubation Centre & incumbents who have the ambition to start and transform their small business or business idea into thriving enterprises, the Centre for Entrepreneurship has organized Entrepreneurship 101 Phase-II Workshop on Financial and Accounting Analysis. 11 students from SKPCPER participated actively in this event. The session covered was as followed. Name of students Semester 1. GAURAV GUPTA B.PHARM II 2. CHAUDHARI APURVA GOPALBHAI B.PHARM VI 3. YASH A PATEL B PHARMVI 4. NAITIK PRAKASH PANCHAL B.PHARM II 5. DHRUV RAVAL B.PHARM VI 6. RAGHAV PANDIT B.PHARM II 7. MODH JIMIT B PHARM IV 8. PREXA JAIN B PHARM IV 9. PRIYA BHANUSHALI B.PHARM VI 10. PATEL TANU B PHARM IV 11. RABARI VIKRAM B.PHARM II Date: February 1, 2 2020. Module I: Insights into Business & Accounting (CA Harshesh Jaswani) Date: February 2, 2020 Module II: Key Role of Finance & Taxation Policies for Emerging Start-Ups (CA Anand Jaswani) Date: February 8, 2020 Module III: Introduction to Business Planning and Learn how to build an effective Business Plan for your venture (CA Vinit Moondra) Student team of SKPCPER; Yash Patel, Gaurav Gupta, Rabari Vikram, Raghav Pandit, Modh Jimit, Prexa Jain, Chaudhari Apurva and Dhruv Raval won the unique idea competition during that event. They were invited to submit the proposal of their unique idea at the incubation centre. Dr.B.G.Prajapati Coordinator, SSIP and ED, SKPCPER
Ganpat University
Saturday, February 8, 2020
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