Pharmacognosy Laboratory :
This laboratory is equipped with the state of art equipments and microscopes required for acquiring the skill of identification of herbs by sensory, morphological, microscopical and chemical examination.
Phytochemistry laboratory :
This laboratory is equipped with classical extraction technology which provides hands on experiments on extraction, isolation and characterization of phytoconstituents at undergraduate level.
Advance pharmacognosy Laboratory :
This laboratory is equipped with state of the art facilities for microscopy, physicochemical evaluation, phytochemical screening and pharmacopoieal assays of herbal and traditional drugs and formulations. This laboratory is specifically designed to train the Post graduate and research scholars to match the current need of the industry.
Sophisticated instrument and advanced research laboratory: 
This laboratory is designed and equipped with sophisticated instruments such as HPTLC (High performance chromatography), HPLC (High pressure liquid chromatography) and UV Visible chromatography for studying the separation, identification and quantification of chemical and biological markers and standardization of herbal drugs. Dissolution test apparatus is also available for evaluation of herbal formulations. Advanced microscopy and its digital photo documentation are carried out in this laboratory. The computers with high speed internet facility are available for the students for documentation and analysis of research data.
Herbal Drug Museum:
More than 200 traditional herbal drugs and popular marketed Ayurvedic and Herbal formulations are displayed along with their identity, vernacular names, chemical composition and traditional as well as modern uses. Specimen of the plant drugs are also maintained as herbarium for the correct taxonomical identity.
Medicinal plant garden:
Numbers of medicinal and aromatic plants have grown in the medicinal plant garden beside the college. The plants grown in this garden are useful in the practical classes of Pharmacognosy. The green house is also developed in the campus to grow and protect cold climate medicinal plants.
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