The 28th February is celebrated as a national science day every year. The day is celebrated to honor the Nobel laureate- Sir C.V. Raman for his invention of the ‘Raman effect’ on 28th February 1928. From current year, it is decided to celebrate it at state level by MUIS in Ganpat University. The one day celebration was planned with various competitions as follows as a part of celebration: • Model presentation (Working and Non working) • Poster Presentation • Rangoli Competition • On the spot painting • Essay writing • Slogan Competition • Elocution competition All these competitions were based on the theme given by DST, India: “Science and technology for sustainable future”. Various activities were coordinated by coordinators of different institute. Dr. Geeta M. Patel was Institute coordinator from SKPCPER. Various students of B.Pharm have participated in various events.
MUIS, Ganpat University
Wednesday, February 28, 2018