Swine Flu Prohibition Camp

A Ayurveda decoction prepare by household medicines for all the Faculty and students were organized from 21st 2017 by NSS Unit of Shree S. K. Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education and research, Ganpat University at Information center, Ganpat University. The students and faculty of campus has taken advantage of the Ayurvedic processed drink to fight against Swine flu. As recent days the swine flu is dominant in the population around the Ahmedabad district an covering the Gujarat, it is necessary to fight against it, which is communicable disease. Lots of people lost their lives because of swine flu. It was the effort taken by the NSS unit of the SKPCPER, Ganpat University to fight against the Swine flue. The Distribution of the Ayurvedic drink were available for all the students and faculty on 21st August 2017 from 2 top 5 PM. Total more than 2000 students and faculty get the benefit from this. The girls of the Manjulaben Patel Sainik School also got benefit of this. Dr. Paresh U. Patel and Dr. Arun M. Prajapati Co-ordinated the medical camp under the heading of NSS unit of the SKPCPER, Ganpat University.
Ganpat University
Monday, August 21, 2017
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