Wildlife Conservation Camp (Gir)

Ganpat University has offered continuing education unit to the first year students of each stream. 13 students had participated in course type- I, campsite based common course- Wildlife Conservation Camp (Gir), which had held on the date 23rd march, 2018 to 25th march, 2018. Students had visit to Gir Interpretation Zone - Devalia Park and marsh Crocodile and star tortoise breeding center. Then they had proceeded to trek jungle and had visit of the local villagers and mango farms. In evening students had enjoyed the siddi dhamal dance with campfire and stargazing. Next day students had proceed to Kankai and Banej (the heart of gir) and Jamjir waterfall with wildlife instructor who had explained about the flora and fauna of Sasan Gir. Whole day was dedicated to jungle safari and Nature.
Sasan Gir
Friday, March 23, 2018
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