Farewell Day

Farewell party was organized by B. Pharm Sem VI students on 2nd April 2019 under the supervision of Dr. Nikunjana Patel. In an emotionally surcharged atmosphere inside the seminar hall of SKPCPER, the students and staff of college bid adieu to the student of 2015-2019 Batch at a grand farewell function. The students of Final Year B. Pharm participated in “Modeling Contest” Thereafter the students of final year Janvi Doshi, Binti Trambadiya and Poojan Patel came forward to share their experience and memories of their beloved classmate, juniors and teachers. Mansi Patel, Aditi Patel and Ghetia Happy mesmerized all by a lovely dance performance on a fusion track. Various titles like Mr. Foodie, Mr. bookholic, Teacher’s favorite, Mr. & Miss Youth Icon, Mr. & Miss. Farewell etc… were given to the final year students.
SKPCPER Seminar Hall
Tuesday, April 2, 2019
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