Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Quality Assurance Laboratory

  1. Analytical Laboratory Laboratory is equipped with the glass wares and instruments to carry out traditional chemical analysis practicals for under graduate students. Laboratory equipped with all the equipment needed for the qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  2. Instrumentation Laboratory Laboratory is equipped with the analytical instruments to perform the practicals based on analytical instrumentation.
  3. Advanced Analytical Laboratory This laboratory is equipped with state of art instruments like UV visible spectrophotometers, FT-IR, Spectroflourimeter, etc. for the routine practicals for undergraduate and post graduate. This laboratory is also utilized by the research programs.
  4. Advanced Sophisticated Instrumentation Laboratory (Chromatography Laboratory) This laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated chromatographic systems like HPLC, HPTLC, GC and And Ion Chromatograph to full fill the curriculum requirements of master program as well as for the doctoral program.
  5. PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY I AND II These well furnished laboratories provide facility for practical training in pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry, synthesis and structural elucidation of medicinally important compounds, practical training is also offered in organic chemistry, biochemistry and inorganic chemistry with well designed experiments.
  6. PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY I AND II (P.G.) The Laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated equipment like Carousel six reaction station, Rotavapour, Microwave with condenser, Digital melting point apparatus, Heating mantles, stirrers, etc. and software for computational chemistry.
  7. COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY Laboratory consists of computers with software for QSAR, Docking and molecular modeling study.
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