Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Department has blend of experienced and young dynamic staff with diversified exposure in Pharmaceutical research and industries. It is equipped with sophisticated instruments for development and evaluation of Novel and conventional dosage forms (Approx. cost of instruments: Rs.1, 15, 00,000/--). Department has received funding of Rs.85,54,651/-- from various government agencies like AICTE, GUJCOST, DST, ICMR, CSIR, etc. Department has also successfully handled ed sponsored research project and consultancy from various pharma companies like Themis medicare, Acme Pharmaceuticals, Mann Pharmaceuticals, Star Sulphar, Vikram Themolab, Texas laboratories, etc. Active international and national presence of faculties and students in terms of publications and presentations (International and National Publication: More than 125, International and national presentation: More than 265. Department has spacious laboratories with adequate equipment capable of providing the much needed technical support for teaching and research. The department has good organizational capabilities with computer facilities and is able to plan, prepare and promote programmes for professional pharmacists, community pharmacists and continuing education programs for junior faculty.

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