Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory

INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY LAB This laboratory is equipped with the state of art equipment and machinery required in manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, ointment, liquid orals, parenterals, novel drug delivery systems, packaging science, etc. Equipments: Horizontal drive multi attachment(Kevlab), Rotary Tablet Press, Liquid washing, filling, sealing machine, Mass Mixture, Colloid mill, Homogenizer, Tablet coating machine, Ampoule sealing machine, Humidity Oven, Photo stability chamber, Tray dryer, Distillation Unit, Overhead stirrers, Digital Balance(0.1 mg)

PHARMACEUTICS LAB 1, 2, 3, AND 4 These well furnished laboratories cater to the practical requirements of the subjects technologies of Drugs and Cosmetics, Biological Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutics, Dispensing pharmacy, Pharmaceutical engineering and unit operations. Equipments: UV 1700, Dissolution test apparatus (six bowl), Brookfield Viscometer, Digital Balance(0.01 mg), Disintegration test apparatus, Friabilator, Flow meter, Oven, Hot plate, Hardness tester, Cone blender, Agitator mixture, Ball mill, Leak test apparatus, Magnetic stirrers etc.

MICROBIOLOGY LAB This lab is designed as per current FDCA norms for class 10,000 aseptic areas for parenterals. Laminar Air Flow units and aseptic area with provision of HEPA. Equipments: Aseptic area (FDA Guideline), Incubator, Fermentor, BOD Incubator, Laminar Air flow Bench, Zone Reader, Colony counter, Distilled water plant (Millipore), etc.

PG LAB 1 This laboratory is equipped with the state of art sophisticated equipments and machinery required for research study of novel and conventional drug delivery systems like liposomes, niosomes, transdermal patches, nanoparticulate and targeted drug delivery systems, parentral, gastroretentive, modified drug delivery sytems, etc. at dissertation during M. Pharm Sem – III & IV. Equipments: Lyophilizer, DSC, HPLC with PDA detector, UV 1800, Digital Balance (0.01 mg), Rota evaporator, etc.

PG LAB 2 This laboratory is used for practical experiment related to preformaulations, dosage form development, excipient exploration, etc. during M. Pharm Sem – I & II. Equipments: Dissoo, UV 1800, High speed homogenizer, Magnetic stirrers, Digital Balance(0.01 mg), Sonicator, pH meter, Microwave oven, Hot air Oven, etc.

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