Pharmacognosy Research

Department of Pharmacognosy undertakes research and consultancy assignments in the area of Herbal Drugs and Formulations. The key area of research of Pharmacognosy department is development of quality control parameters for the herbals, development and evaluation of novel drug delivery for the classical herbs and ayurvedic formulations and phytopharmacological investigations of the herbal drugs. The major developments by the department are;

  • Development of colon drug delivery system for the Vidangadi Churna and Triphla Churna.
  • Development of Gastro retentive drug delivery for the Trikatu and Rasayana Churna.
  • Development of Transdermal drug delivery for Curcuminoids and Psoralea.
  • Development of Quality control profile for Chywanpras, Herbal Cough Syrup and other polyherbal formulations.
  • Development and validation of Chromatographic Analytical Methods for the polyherbal formulations.
  • Cytotoxic Assay’s and Pharmacological Evaluation of Herbals.
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