Pharmacology Laboratory

  1. Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory: This lab mainly occupies by B. Pharm Sem- I & II students for practical related to Human Anatomy & Physiology courses. In this lab students perform experiments of heamatology, urine analysis. Faculties teach the anatomy and physiology of various systems using charts and models.
  2. Pharmacology Laboratory: This well equipped laboratory helps to train B.Pharm students in practical studies of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacy. B. Pharm students carry out variety of animal experiments i.e. pD2 value, pA2 value, bioassay of drugs, screening and evaluation of drugs and clinical experiments i.e. prescription audit, case studies, pharmacotherapeutics, laboratory data interpretation and so on. The advanced pharmacology laboratory is specially designed to carry out animal model experiments for analgesic, anti-histaminic, anti-pyretic, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory activity, anti diabetic, antihyperlipidemic, anti stroke, antiasthmatic and so on.
  3. Advanced Pharmacology Laboratory: This is the core laboratory of pharmacology department and it is mainly used by M. Pharm students. This laboratory comprises couple of sophisticated instruments. M. Pharm students carry out different experiments of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology, Advanced Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmacometrics and evaluation of drugs.
  4. Animal House Facility: Central Animal Housing Facility is constructed as per CPCSEA guideline and registered with CPCSEA and its registration number is 197/PO/c/2000/CPCSEA. It comprises ample room which can accommodate more than 600 rats, 1000 mice and 20 Guinea pigs.


  • 8 channel power lab
  • Single & Multi channel physiographs
  • Fully automated haematology analyzer
  • Semi automated biochemistry analyzer
  • Trinocular microscopes with USB camera
  • Digital plethismometer
  • Digital recording drum
  • Nebulizer
  • Photoactometer
  • Analgesiometer
  • Presicion Rotary Microtome
  • Westan Blot Assembaly
  • Eddys Hot Plate
  • Digital Colony counter
  • Incinerator
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